Jeremy Head


It’s 1964. The West and the USSR are locked in a battle for technical supremacy. With their recent remarkable success in space with Yuri Gagarin, the USSR is ahead. But the quest for more world-firsts has become all consuming.

In Moscow, against his better judgement, aging Russian aircraft genius Andrei Tupolev agrees to build the world’s first supersonic airliner within just five years. Success will be his crowning achievement, leaving a fine legacy for his aircraft designer son Alexei.

But the clock is ticking – the Franco-Britannic Concorde could easily claim the crown first and a highly dangerous design challenge remains unsolved. A visit from two shadowy KGB spooks provides a glimmer of hope, but it’s high risk.

They suggest stealing the plans to Concorde.

In Bristol, Audrey Temple is a computer genius working on Concorde. By chance she and her engineer boyfriend Harry discover the KGB plot. But will anyone believe them? And by then will it be too late?

The high stakes race is on to be the first in the skies with a supersonic passenger airliner.